When choosing a company for IT Asset disposal you want to make sure that you are choosing one that will dispose of your IR Assets correctly and securely. Your IT Assets are any company-owned hardware, computer systems, or information that is used in your company for business reasons. You need to ensure that your company is protected against the risk of a security break. Most data breaks occur because the IT Asset disposals was done incorrectly. If this is the first time your company needs the services of an IT Asset disposal company there are certain questions that you should ask.

Experience in the market

The first thing to check is when the company was established. You also want to check to see if they have a track record that is successful. Ask for customer references and then talk to them to see what they say about the services they received from the IT Asset disposal company. The company should also be able to provide your company how many items they have wiped and / or processed each year. This will give your company an idea on what size operation they run.

Security measures taken

You need to know what security means the disposal company takes through the entire disposal process. In today's world, security break is so detrimental that you need to choose a disposal company who has security at the front of their mind. Some questions that you should ask if they have can include:

• 24/7 monitored alarm system and manned security onsite
• Secure perimeter fencing with locked down / secured entries

You should also ask about the people who work for the company and whether the staff goes through training procedures. You should also ask to tour the facilities to make sure you for yourself that what they tell you is the truth. You should also ask if the employees have security clearance. During the process of collection, are security procedures in place?

Hardware / software used

When ensuring that the IT Asset data disposal is done correctly make sure that the right software / hardware is used. If the data is not destroyed 100%, your company is opening yourself up to a possible data break.

Standards and regulations

Check to see if the company has achieved the ISO 27001Information Security Management Accreditation. You should also ask about their environmental policy and what IT equipment is reclaimed for reuse.

The company that you choose to use for your IT Asset disposal should be able to answer the above questions truthfully and be able to explain their answers for all of these questions. You alone are responsible for making sure that all IT Asset information is completely wiped or erased clean to prevent a possible data break.


Source by Lora Davis


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