In the future if the oceans rise we should be able to save the coastal communities by building large burms up to the ocean level. We should also be able to have openings, which allow the water to flow to lower levels and this will let us enjoy the current seaside properties along with the real estate, which is actually at the oceans new level.

The openings would allow the oceans water to flow down a slope into the lower-level inlets. As the water goes down the slope it could generate hydroelectric city from spinning wheels on the surface of the slope as the water flows down. To prevent the water from filling in the lower levels we could use suction power in a vertical snakelike tube to return the water back to the sea.

The system would be self-contained and ongoing and protect the lower levels from flooding without losing all those areas, which will then be below sea level. Human civilizations do not have to give up their land to see if it rises. The ocean is mankind's friend and it holds up bund ends of life.

Using this scenario we could develop human civilizations, which take advantage of the rising sea level and prevent flooding. The future predictions of Global Warming and Doom and Gloom Hysteria along with sea level rising do not have to be devastating to human civilizations. When the world gives you lemons make lemonade. Please consider this in 2006.


Source by Lance Winslow


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