Nature and wildlife filmmakers can have a profound effect on the environment by increasing public awareness of the need to preserve our environment. There are many examples of film nature stories that were instrumental in saving wildlife from extinction. These films highlighted not only the danger of pollution on wildlife in these areas, but the devastating effects it was having on the animals' natural habitats as well. As a result of this candid footage, the public was stirred to take action to protect both nature and wildlife species.

How Filmmakers Can Make a Difference

Wildlife stories portrayed by film can be some of the most effective contributions by nature filmmakers in favor of preserving the environment. People of all ages and from all walks of life can relate to animal films. In many cases, it is not that people do not care about the environment and wildlife preservation, but rather that they are unaware of specific dangers at hand. The fast-paced society in which we live leaves little time for the average person to research environmental issues by themselves. However, once these issues are brought out in the open through the colorful, graphic pictures that film footage can provide, more people are alerted to these problems, giving them an opportunity to get involved in a positive, constructive way.

Target Audiences

Nature filmmakers can target specific audiences such as schools, libraries and television with their productions to help promote environmental and wildlife causes. Utilizing their unique talents and filming techniques, experienced filmmakers can produce captivating footage to both educate and motivate people to take action on behalf of our planet. The power behind these films has the ability to institute change in people's mindsets, habits and behavior. There is no doubt that Planet Earth today is in great need of help and change if it is to be preserved for future generations. By getting this message across to enough people through the use of eco-friendly films, changes will come.

Conservation Films

Nature and wildlife filmmakers have been making films for years extolling the beauty of our natural environment. These films have moved thousands across the country to work towards preserving this beauty for the future. In addition to this type of footage, documentaries that expose how man is destroying our environment through air, soil and water pollution can also act as an effective catalyst for change. Documentaries are a classic example of how films can be utilized to reach the masses in an environmental awareness campaign. One recent example of a documentary that was extremely effective in getting its message across to the public was the film "Inconvenient Truth". The film won national acclaim for publicizing the topic of climate change. Conservation films of this nature can be highly effective in publicizing environmental issues. They can also be used to help generate funds for green causes.

Conservation films are extremely important due to their straightforward approach to environmental issues. No other films attack the major environmental problems the world faces today in the same way as these documentaries. There is a great need to "stir up the pot" when it comes to exposing how man is polluting and destroying the environment. The only way to promote great change is by being militant in this area. By using their films to attract public attention to environmental issues, filmmakers can help propagate change to improve our Eco-system. The creation and promotion of environmental documentaries can be very effective tools in filmmakers' hands to serve our society. These films challenge both industries and the public to face environmental issues head on, rather than cover them up, so that long term solutions can be found. In this way, our environment can be restored to its natural state for generations to come.


Source by Kevin Railsback


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