White noise machines are fast becoming one of the most popular developments when it comes to office acoustics. The reason office white noise machines are being implemented in office environments is that they provide a calm and soothing working environment, which leads to better productivity.

You may think that the word white as we know it as a color can be added to the term noise. White noise on the other hand has nothing to do with color but includes wavelengths. White noise is a blend of sounds all absorbed into the machine and then combined and emitted into one soothing sound. White noise is the sound signals with a flat spectrum. Our ears will not hear all the sounds that normally distract or interrupt us from doing our daily tasks; we will hear a pleasant, calm, and soothing sound.

Noise pollution can affect individuals at home and at the office. Many people believe that they just have to accept the sounds around the office such as traffic, phones ringing, computers humming, co-workers chitchatting, and all the other annoyances we have to deal with every day. Noise has been proven to manifest physical and emotional stress and stress has been known to lead to many serious illnesses. White noise has been used to aid many people who would like to relax and escape from everyday noise.

White noise machines have been used at homes to aid people in sleeping through the night without any sleep interruptions, calming colicky babies, and creating a soothing and calming environment. This technique is beginning to be seen in many offices throughout the world today to aid in creating the same soothing and calm environment. The sounds that are emitted from the white noise machines can be the sound of a waterfall, birds chirping, radio static, or even a train. The choices of the sounds emitted are many, which allow you to choose the one that aids in your own relaxation.

Some people choose to purchase a travel white noise machine, which allows them to have their own white machine everywhere they go while some employers are now implementing larger white noise machines that can be installed in the ceiling tile of cubicle type offices to ensure everyone has a calming environment in which to work.

White noise has been used in treatment of persons having problems with a variety of illnesses such as hearing problems like tinnitus or hyperacusis. They have been used for assisting the problems with colicky babies, and have been prescribed for patients with insomnia or other sleeping problems.

Today, many new offices are adding white noise machines during the construction process of their buildings so they can provide a calm and soothing environment for their employees. Many believe that white noise can stimulate the cells of the body that will create a positive out look in the attitude of those that implement a white noise machine in their environment.

The white noise machines of today can aid in eliminating many of the undue stress at work since they absorb all those annoyingises and sounds that enter our minds while trying to perform our daily tasks.


Source by Melissa Nathans


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