We all know of the doom and gloom predictions of Global Warming and Climate Change with rising sea levels, super storms and it all sound like a lot of hot water we will be in? Indeed some believe Global Warming is a lot of hot air. Yes, in fact that is a true statement either way. But it is for this exact reason that this topic recently came up in an online think tank when one member stated;

"Maybe people need to feel like they are doing something, which may or may not affect the intensity of storms."

Sure and remember the power of human intent, very powerful indeed. There is that "wild card" of "will power" again right! Never underestimate will power and the can do attitude to "getr' done" but by the same token don't trust the excuse makers, blame gamers or those who can't or won't; the level of mediocrity is scarier to me than anything Mother Nature has ever thrown my way.

You state; "It certainly has to be an issue with where people might migrate to live. Perhaps, living close to beaches or flood plains won't occur in the future, and people will choose to live where fewer storms occur."

I agree that the risk should be allowed with the caveat that if you choose to live under sea level, in a flood plain, along a known area of Hurricane that you do so at your own risk and leave it to free markets to decide if they feel they wish to sell insurance on that risk. Meanwhile do everything in your power to promote a future technology to control the weather and protect the American People. Interesting topics indeed and please consider this in 2006.


Source by Lance Winslow


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