Would you like to increase your window cleaning efficiency as well as your profits?

If so, then there is one crucial window cleaning skill that will above all others, take your business to the next level. That skill is called the super swirl.

What is the super swirl?

The super swirl is an advanced squeegeeing technique that allows you to squeegee a window from start to finish without your squeegee ever leaving the glass.

Also known as 'fanning' or 'snaking', due to the movement of the squeegee on the window. Watching a professional window cleaner use the super swirl squeegee method has been described as "poetry in motion" as the squeegee is swept along the glass in what looks to be one fluid, graceful movement.

The super swirl squeegee method allows window cleaners to clean windows in one fifth of the time it takes to straight pull the same window. It also allows you to clean the window better as swirling causes less streaks, smears and drips than traditional squeegeeing.

Due to the efficiency of the super swirl technique I'm sure you can see how by using the swirl you can dramatically increase your profits. Many window cleaners have stated that they saw a 40% - 50% increase in earnings per hour after they started using the swirl.

Once you master the super swirl squeegee method, its quite unlikely that you will ever go back to the straight pull method, unless a particular window cannot be swirled.

The super swirl is not easy to master, but it is simple. The best way to learn the super swirl squeegee method is to have a more experienced window cleaner show you in person.

However, the vast majority of professional window cleaners who use the super swirl method are unwilling to teach the skill to anyone else.

And who can blame them, its job security, all companies protect their secrets. Why should window cleaners be any different?

The next best thing to having someone show you in person how to swirl his to watch the super swirl squeegee method on video. People learn by watching and doing so naturally video would be a good media to learn from.

Don't waste your time trying to learn how to swirl through someone's written teachings. It is very hard to clearly express the proper methods of squeegeeing on paper, and its even harder to make those written directions understandable for a wide audience.

So get your self a super swirl squeegee method video, watch it a few times and then get out there and start practicing. Once you do, you'll be hooked!


Source by Tanner Larsson


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