If you live in an area or city where air pollution is a problem, that outdoor air pollution easily becomes indoor air pollution. This is because air conditioner filters are not capable to stop the chemicals that are in the air, nor many of the more dangerous sub-micron size particles as the pore sizes are too large, and every time the HVAC system turns on, it's bringing in that 'fresh' air. That means that whatever is outside, smog, pollution from factories, car exhaust, etc is all coming inside. And many of these pollutants are known carcinogens or cancer-causing agents as well as contributors to many other types of disease.

Another myth is that if you simply get the best air conditioner filter, it will stop all or most of the dust or chemical pollutants. Sadly, this is not true, either and causes many people to waste their money thinking they will be breathing clean air in their homes just by buying a better A / C filter. Even the best air conditioner filter's pore size is too large to stop the tiniest of particles and virtually none have enough or any carbon to remove the chemicals being brought in or circulated within the home. And no, electrostatic or electronic filters do not stop the majority of tiny particles, either, and they do not help with chemical compounds or odors.

For these reasons (and others), a whole house air cleaner system that attaches to your home or office air conditioning output duct can be your best, most cost-effective defense against not only the air pollution being brought in from outside, but also against any pollutants in the home. The whole home air purifiers made by Aller Air, for example, not only have medical grade HEPA filters, but also up to 28 pounds of super-activated carbon, which together can remove over 99% of all pollutants (dust, dust mites, mold , pollen, bacteria and chemicals) that are already in or coming into your home from outside.

Another great thing about an electronic whole house air filtration system is that it filters all of the air in your home with one unit and has only one set of filters to replace-instead of buying several portable air purifiers for each room and having several sets of filters to replace. That alone saves you a LOT of money, both in air cleaner and filter costs. And, those Aller Air whole house air cleaners come with a 10 year warranty-that can make a big difference, too.

So if you have air pollution, live in a big city or near industrial factories, paper mills, etc and you'd like to protect your health, definitely consider a whole house air filtration system for your home-or business-and consider Aller Air . They are literally the best, most effective whole house air cleaners we've found. If you want maximum protection, you might consider using a whole home unit plus one or more quality portable air cleaners. This will trap any remaining fumes, cooking odors, particles, mold or bacteria that might be floating around. This combination approach is really only necessary if you have indoor pets, dog hair, cat hair, excess dust, or somevere allergy, asthma, COPD or other respiratory issues.

And do not forget to ask if your doctor can prescribe an air cleaner for your house-if so, insurance may cover part or all of the cost! For more information, please see the author box below.


Source by Rex Murphy


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