Car coversare the ultimate protection for any type of vehicle, be it a motorcycle or a truck. This is because they protect the car from sunlight, acid rain, corrosion, dust, trees, hailstorms and other factors that may destroy your car outside of car accidents. There are many varieties of car covers just as there are many types of vehicles. You need to know the different types of car covers so as to avoid making a regrettable choice that may either not serve its purpose or may not fit the vehicle that needs protection.

One of the most common types of covers is the waterproof car covers. These are made with as much as three to seven layers of polyutherane which means that no form of moisture can penetrate these covers. They are perfect for places that snow or rain often. These covers are strong enough to ward off acid rain which is known to eventually eat away at your vehicle's paint job. The option you choose should be able to cover the car from top to bottom especially when it snows because when it melts and the cover is substandard, the water will rise under the cover and still cause some damage. These are also convenient because they can be cleaned while they are still covering the vehicle so you do not have to worry about a spot big enough to clean it on.

Another kind of car covers that you may find are the light single layered covers which protect from dust and are usually used indoors. They are perfect to cover a car that is stored in a garage or in a warehouse when not in use. These can also be used outside but due to their light nature, they may not actually serve their purpose. They tend to be water resistant and can also protect from a degree of UV rays.

You can find car covers that are strong enough to protect the vehicle from sunlight as well as moisture. The material used is as strong as those used during construction of buildings. They are known to serve this task well but they also do keep the car cool in temperatures as high as those found on the Hawaii Islands.

If you wish to protect your high performance car from all elements as well as its paint job, you can go for the more pricey option which is waterproof and UV rays resistant. It is more costly because it comes with a fleece lining that will also protect the cars finish and shine while it is covered. This is perfect for those that wish to offer the best protection for their car regardless of the cost.

Types of car covers are also determined based on their sizes. You can choose to have a custom sized cover which will fit your vehicle like a glove. However, you can also choose the universal cover. This is one that fits any type of vehicle regardless of the size and it is controlled by a drawstring so as to fit it onto the vehicle accordingly.


Source by Greg Mitchell


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