"Welcome the new kid on the block- sustainable architecture"- began the vice principal of a famous architecture school. He was addressing his classroom with a presentation on sustainability management. His passion was to design and erect structures that appreciate nature to the fullest. He was fondly called as the father of Eco architects. He was a blessed speaker as well and hooked his audience with his presentation skills. Today's topic was indeed one of his favorite and he thus began his lecture with series of questions.

Listen to nature

Why new age architects are in favor of sustainable architecture? What are the factors that led to the crisis of power, oil and natural gas? What will happen in future? Will there be no power? Will there be no comfort? Will there be no buildings? After bombarding his students with these questions, he displayed a picture of a lady dressed in green crying her heart out. He described her as nature and asked his students to listen to her. He began listing the factors that have led the world towards sustainability management namely:

Overuse of resources

Post the industrial revolution, building railroads and creating high power engines was the dream of many inventors. By adapting to new technology and creating more comforting products, man forgot that he was draining off the resources slowly. Also production was less than the consumption leading to energy crisis and blackouts. We are approaching to a very dangerous situation and all non renewable resources will dry out in next few decades. So we need to start working on alternative energy source for our existence.

Lack of proper design

Not all products that make life easy come with great quality and design. Even the refrigerator that was considered boon by people released harmful chemical called chloro-fluoro carbon that went straight up to the Ozone layer and drilled a big hole. Such design constraints were evident only when the surrounding environment was affected deeply and irrecoverably.

He pointed out that while upgrading their way of life, humans forgot to take due care of mother nature who had blessed them with these supplies. When they realized the consequences, it has already become late with ice caps melting and glaciers drifting apart. To correct their mistakes, intelligent humans have come up with the concept of sustainability management that is a blend of energy efficiency, conservation of resources and technological innovations. He thus concluded the first chapter of his presentation with a statement that "Eco friendly buildings are the first step towards this great leap of mankind". It is the high time if now we do not opt to natural resources then a time will come we will not be left with any alternative and human life misery will begin from there for sure.


Source by Amira Idris Town


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