Asthma and Pollution -- how is the Asthma Sufferer affected? (Or... how to survive in a filthy planet.) The sharp rise in the number of asthmatics around the planet is relentless. Pollution is recognized for being largely responsible.

When even governments admit pollution is escalating into dangerous levels, then the red light is on. In the last twenty years, there are very few parts of the world that haven't reported an increase in asthma. Black smoke belching out of old cars in Africa; China and India making increased contributions to chemical pollution; the West still defiling the atmosphere despite trying to curb the damage; cigarette smoking; burning oil, wood and coal. We all have to live with this at a cost.

Sadly, little children are the most vulnerable. What a frightening world they have entered! Their little lungs have to work hard by breathing faster, so they take in large quantities of polluted air while their bodies and lungs are still growing. Children are more likely to develop asthma if they live in an area with high smog. They are also more vulnerable if they share a home with adults who smoke.

Asthma has increased in severity as well as in numbers. People are finding it harder to cope with their attacks at home and are more frequently being taken into hospital as emergency cases.

The question is no longer "Does pollution cause asthma?" the answer is a resounding "Yes." The question now is "How do we deal with the pollution problem?"

Well, one thing you can do is pass a law in your own home. Make it a pollution-and-smoke-free zone. If you smoke, quit. Easier said than done, I know, I've been there smoking 45 per day. I took a course on how to stop smoking and it worked for me. Others have gotten help from their doctor and were pleasantly surprised to find they were able to overcome the habit. There are several approaches available, look them up before deciding which is for you.

Remove all ashtrays from your house and let people know they must go outside to smoke. You may provide a place in your garden or balcony for their comfort, if you wish. Otherwise, it is the street or not at all! With asthma it is important that the air in your home is not contaminated with cigarette smoke. Vehicle emissions cause smog -- another important factor in causing asthma. Use your own car only when absolutely necessary and encourage others to do the same. Walking at a reasonable pace is better for you and for the planet. Use car pools where possible. There is a growing awareness and people everywhere are more ready to accept responsibility, given a little reminder.


Source by Megan Richards


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