Some people probably would suggest I started the concept of Marketism with the effect such economic expansion would have on the Global environment, to whatever and anyone else concern about pollution very close to destroying our world this article is directed to.

Here, I would directly disagree with the "Theory of Scarce Resources" and this is not because the Global Resources are limitless or somehow are to be enough for the whole population in the way these resources are used and have been used: in the opposite the Market Economics called Marketism is about economic growth synchronized and constantly adjusted to the most advance renewable energy sources and high technologies reducing and totally eliminating pollution. In context I am tired of hearing about how the majority of the World population should live in poverty not using the existing Global resources in order a very small percentage to be rich and prosperous to live as they do, therefore the majority should be artificial developed. For these "philosophers" I have the following answers:

· Deregulated "Trickle-down-Economics" mixes "freedom" in business is more like "wild-wild-West" where alone with the "good guys' obeying laws and protecting the weak are the" bad guys "disobeying laws and skimming the World as much as they can. To the proponents of such "freedom" of business I will say freedom is about the rule of law and the goodwill of the wealthy guys to take care of us the rest might well be not there. Environment that has to be protected by the rule of law not by the trickle down freedom and will be better protected as well.

· The constantly enhancing way of protecting the global environment is in conflict with the production based economies of Capitalism, Socialism or Communism and in synchrony with the investment and intellectual properties based on economics of Marketism which Monetary Policies are adjusted by current possibilities of the Markets.

· An advance of High Technologies and Expanding Investment combined with regulated Global economics structures including tight Ecological regulations will reduce spending of these resources.

· Until now the pollution has been mostly generated by the most developed areas of North America and Western Europe, but in the same thought the largest reduction of pollution for the last 10 years has been there too, so without the rest of the world does not jump over the industrial revolutions already gone in the West the pollution coming from these under-developed markets will finish us all.

· The use of resources could be a lot less by developed markets then by slowly developing markets, cutting of wood and using of coal for heating is a perfect example of that. Resources such as petroleum and even water are wasted much faster by developing markets then by developed markets when these markets are part of the marketism.

· High Technologies could be adapted only by advanced markets to lower pollution.

· And here I will come back to the rich or wealthy as a better description: in a World where more then 80% of all production is based on consumption only by expanding the consumption could expand their capital too, because they are the keepers of the Capital and in a foreseeable future I don see them replaced.

· To use renewable sources of energy and enhanced system of production with no pollution in a short and only way to avoid total Global crash is by changing the accelerating economies into market driven Marketism.


Source by Joshua Konov


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