There are a lot of questions you could ask a potential dating partner after you get matched your profiles matched up on that senior dating site. You can chat about all kinds of non-threatening ideas, like recipes, sports teams, global warming or even how to make homemade wine in your backyard.

And the truth is that sometimes, online relationships never progress beyond this stage of asking interesting but fairly unimportant questions. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Even when dating in the offline world, you probably went out on a few dates where the conversation never progressed beyond the fact-finding stage. No harm, no foul. You just move onto the next person.

But there is one question that is probably more important in the world of online dating in general and in particular when it comes to the senior internet dating world. And it's important to be aware that someone may ask this of you and for sure it would be good for you to ask this of any person you are considering dating that you meet at first in the online world.

And that is "What caused the breakup in your last relationship?"

Sounds so simple and there is so much meaning packaged into that one simple question.

The truth is, that it is not so important what the details were that last breakup, but it is very important who is being assigned the responsibility for the breakup. In short, if the person you are talking with gives all the responsibility to the other person, it is time for you to move onto your next match.

In relationships, it takes two people to form one, and it takes two people to break one up. And if you hear that it was all the other person's fault in the answer, you can almost bet that if you two start a relationship, that is going to be your fault if it breaks off.

This is important to pay attention to, if you get asked this question also. Because this shows that the other person is doing the asking knows a thing or two about online dating and relationships and they are looking to find out if you are a good potential partner for them.

If you get asked this question, there is no need to go overboard with self-verification, just say something about there being some issues on both sides and move the conversation along. Acknowledging that you are responsible for your own actions goes a long way towards making the other person comfortable with you.

And same thing, unless you are really seeking out a one-sided relationship, it would be good if the other person you are talking to take responsibility for themselves as well.

This question, asked at the right time in the testing out part of a relationship can help you find a lot more perfect dates from any senior dating service online.


Source by Susan Elizabeth


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