Factory water pollution is at almost epic levels, with anywhere from 60,000 to 80,000 chemical pollutants being dumped or running into our water supplies from industrial factories. Pesticides, herbicides and synthetic drugs from factory farms are also very much to blame for the current water crisis. More than 2,100 known carcinogenic chemicals are present in nearly all North American drinking water.

The majority of it is from factory water pollution, but even our care contributes to the problem. While factories are dumping tons of chemicals, waste, metals, toxins and bacteria into the water supply, you and I also contaminate the water when we pour toxic cleaners, paints, solvents, prescription and non-prescription medines and chemicals down our drains or toilets .

Even throwing these things in our regular garbage creates water pollution through ground water contamination.

Over the last century, as factories and plants have multiplied by the millions, cancer rates have gone from a mere 1 in 50 to 2 in 3 people. The chemicals and toxins in our air, food and water are 99% to blame for this rise. The sheer volume of sludge and toxic waste that flows from the factories to our rivers, lakes and streams is almost inconceivable.

There is really not a lot that can be done in the short term to protect ourselves, other than to be very selective about the foods we eat and make sure that all water that we drink, cook with, bathe in and use is properly filtered with a high-quality filtering system. Of course, in the long term we also need to press government to enforce stricter environmental regulations on these factories, plants and farms that are killing us.

Factory water pollution is not going to go away over night. Do everything you can to protect yourself and your family from these deadly chemicals and toxins. Install a good water filtration system, eat as much organic food as possible and lobby your government to fix this mess we're in.


Source by Aaron Reese


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