Water is everywhere - We live in a Water World. It covers 70.9% of the Earth's surface, it's found in the air we breathe, the makeup 70% of your body, approx 85% of your brain, 22% of bones, 55% of blood, 75% of muscles, and serves as a lubricant for moving body parts such as joint, the heart, and intestine.

Since water is a host to many microorganisms, many microbes leverage our need for water as a quick means of transport to spread through the body.

Well without going into too much science, water is attributed that title because it is the solvent (dissolves more substances) for my substances than any other solvent or liquid in the world. It of course doesn't dissolve everything!

With that being said, the safest way to get pure water at home and keep the toxins out is to get a home water filter or treatment system. For tips on getting the best water treatment systems/filters please check out our previous articles. However, having a small filtration systems at home, either for the entire house or for kitchen faucets is not a luxury. Its a great necessity.

Many infections/exposure to pathogens are greatly reduced when you drink and use purified water at home. Buying bottled water is not cost effective: because the credibility of the bottled water source is questionable and the rising cost per gallon of purified water is also another thing to take into consideration.

We have found it best, to get a home water treatment or start small (with a small water filter in you home kitchen) and begin protecting yourself and your family.

Water pollution is very much real, and we all have to be aware of it.

El Arrey, pre M.D.


Source by Eliel Arrey


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