The number of motor vehicles available on our roads increases daily, and due to this, the environment suffers badly. Motor vehicles are the major reason for this since the fuel that motorists uses is converted into motive power and dangerous poisons such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, nitric oxides, and lead. The worst affected areas are the cities and major roads because of the heavy traffic jams which usually brings all motorists to a standstill. In such situations, the air circulation is really terrible and this affects both the motorists and pedestrians as it creates a large buildup of carbon monoxide in the blood.

Exhaust fumes affect the heart and lungs and a heavy buildup of carbon monoxide hinders oxygen absorption in the bloodstream while hydrocarbon causes certain kinds of cancer. Lead can result in a low concentration on children and reduce intelligence.

The motor industries have begun to help in curbing these problems by designing new engines which reduce the emission of toxic fumes and also installing converters which change fumes into harmless gasses. Lead content has also been reduced in most fuels to reduce the pollution. Here are some tips that motorists can adopt to minimize pollution:

· Unnecessary weight usually adds fuel consumption. If external loads are being transported arrange them well to curb wind resistance. If the roof track is not in use, it should be removed.

· Petrol and oils should be handled with extra caution. Noxious hydrocarbon usually floats in the air after fuelling so, if possible, one should stay as far as possible to avoid breathing them.

· Used car batteries should be replaced often since they hold a large amount of lead which can be poisonous.

· Motorists should never leave engines idling since this produces fumes that are also harmful. If in a heavy jam or at roads intercession, switch off the engine so that this can be curbed.

· Avoid over racing since it cuts down the fuel consumption and also keep exhaust fumes at a low level. Apply smooth braking and acceleration and never push the vehicles to the limits.

· Motorists are also advised not to start the vehicles unnecessarily because this pollutes the air. Push in the choke mode so as to reduce production of hydrocarbons.

· Always keep the cars in good conditions. Clogged air filters and faulty spark plugs usually result in the emission of toxic fumes. Having a good engine not only provides efficiency but also helps in reducing air pollution. The tires have the right amount of pressure because too low-pressure results in higher fuel consumption.

· When looking for a car to buy go for the one with a smaller engine which results in a lower fuel consumption and a lower emission rate.

Finally to achieve a total control of air pollution keeps the vehicles parked at home which are not a must but should be still considered.

It would be much healthier for the environment if people switch to using public transport, bicycles or taking walks.


Source by Susan Obonyo Ngoya


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