Chronic inflammation, often resulting from an infected sinus cavity, is a common health issue across the world. Its symptoms include, but are not limited to, nasal congestion, coughing, excessive and colored nasal discharge, a sore throat, puffy eyes, as well as increasingly frequent throbbing headaches, heightened sensitivity towards sudden changes in light intensity and in some cases, infection in the ears. Sinus is a hollowed out space in the human skull which lies at the upper end of the nose, between the eyes. The core function of the sinuses is to produce mucus, which acts as an effective lubricant for the nasal passages.

The sinus cavity is prior to blockage, which may result from many factors. The most common cause is airborne dust, which is something common to nearly all households. It can irritate the sinus, provoking outbursts of sneezing and the inflammation of the sinus as a response. An effective home remedy would be to wear a dampened mask over the mouth and nose to inhibit the dust from entering the nasal passes while cleaning the house.

Cosmopolitan households, especially those located in humid areas with large quantities of upholstery like mattresses, cushions, duvets and pillows, are excellent breeding grounds for dust mites, another significant contributor to the sunset of sinusitis. Dust mites are microscopic invertebrates that feed on shed human skin cells. Dust mite droppings are extremely potent allergens, which may trigger asthmatic, as well as allergic, reactions in a large number of people. Eradicating this menace requires regular washing of upholstery. They can also be eradicated by exposure to a temperature above 60 degrees Celsius or below freezing point. Usually most dryers used in such homes can achieve temperatures high enough to remove dust mites very effectively. Lifestyle habits, like smoking, exposure to pollution, can also aggravate the inflammation, since the particulate matter accumulates within the nasal passages and often acts as an irritant. Continuing this habit while experiencing the onset of sinus inflammation may result in the development of chronic sinusitis.

Taking steam, applying warm compresses, salt-water gargles, increasing vitamin C intake and maintaining adequate levels of hydration can stave off some of the symptoms. Minimizing exposure to potential allergens is also recommended. Installing humidifiers within the household, especially during the summer season can help alleviate sinus related problems by lowering the ambient humidity which exhibits mold, another significant allergen, from growing. Other home remedies include getting plenty of rest, lying on your side and sleeping while elevating the head to encourage nasal drainage during the night. Avoid sugar, fruit juices and dairy products and swimming in pools treated with chlorine to stay safe from sinus infections.


Source by Shruti S Sharda


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