Global warming is an ever-increasing problem that demands attention. Unfortunately even if we do provide adequate attention to this problem, it is still hard to solve. Even if we stop burning fossil fuels completely the greenhouse gases still stay trapped in the atmosphere for hundreds of years.

Deforestation is another important factor to consider that is very destructive. The deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is responsible for more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than all the output of all cars and trucks on the road.

Even if we were to replant all the trees cut down in the once plush rainforest. It would still take hundreds of years for the rainforest to become lush rainforest once again. Sure the trees would take about 65 years to grow, but the biodiversity that go with rainforests would take much longer to recover.

According to data it could even take up to a thousand years for the newly grown forest to resemble our current rainforests.

Statistics show that the Earth has already lost 80 percent of its forest cover due to deforestation. That number is going to rise if important steps are not taken to prevent it.

Since global warming is here to stay and is probably going to get worse we need a solution.

In my opinion the Earth has been damaged too much and we need to move to another habitable planet. That would be the best solution to the global warming problem. Scientists and astronomers need to come up with a way for us to travel to another habitable planet.While this may seem like an unsurmountable obstacle it is still the most logical alternative. Since we can not cleanse our atmosphere for many centuries, we should leave and let the planet heal itself.

Of course traveling through deep space is something we have not achieved yet. That is why we will need to invent new technology to help us travel through space faster, much faster.

This solution may seem radical and it is, but it is the next logical step for humans. Already scientists are finding new interesting planets that may be able to harbor life. The next challenge will be to get us to one of those planets.

In my opinion we have about 30 to 40 years before life on Earth starts to become much more difficult. In the future climate change and warming will have a much more important role.

Weather will become more unpredictable, and storms will be much more intense. Overpopulation will also play a major role on our planet. Our planet is only able to sustain about 10 billion people. We will surpass that number by the year 2050, so food and water will become more scarce.

Leaving Earth would mean a whole new world of exploration and discovery. It would bring a whole new understanding to our concept of the universe.


Source by David Rodrigue


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