In the world of today where protecting the environment seems to be the biggest advocacy wherever you go, a lot more people are beginning to realize the importance of using products that do not harm the environment. This planet has indeed become a ticking time bomb due to the impact of climate change brought about by man's own irresponsibility. "Greenhouse effect" is a term now used to describe the process by which heat radiated from the planet cannot escape out into space and is captured by greenhouse gases. The captured heat is then radiated in all directions which causes temperatures to climb, thereby making the planet warmer. One of the four major contributors to this effect is the gas CO2 or carbon dioxide. As one of the solutions to the increasing demand not only for renewable energy and sustainable living but also for ways to minimize CO2 amounts, scientists have developed performance enhancing plants like carbon capture trees.

These trees have been created using a technology called "polygenomy," which makes plants by facilitating and directing a natural gene-doubling process. This is not at all similar to GMOs or genetically-modified organisms as these are created via direct gene sequences manipulation which include the insertion of foreign genes. "Polygenomic" trees are designed to capture and store huge volumes of CO2 much faster than unmodified species. They can yield some of the finest veneering timber. They also mature rapidly, are bigger and more robust, and can be adapted to meet specific commercial and/or environmental needs, and can be propagated faster and more consistently using a unique system.

One of the superb characteristics of "polygenomic" species is that just like their unmodified counterparts, they are also fertile so successive generations can be bred from their seed. Their progenies are also stable, proven by the fact that they do not go back to their diploid status. These species have also been designed to thrive in a wider range of climatic conditions and to promote biodiversity where the plan is to create long-term forests dedicated to capturing carbon.

More and more ways are now being created to capture and store CO2. The most natural way of capturing it, however, is still through carbon capture trees. The more of these super trees are grown, the more CO2 will be captured and stored so that there'd be fewer amounts of this gas in the earth's atmosphere.


Source by Nia Lawrence


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