What defines a hippy to you? A tree hugging weirdo or someone who cares for the planet and all its living things? I get really pissed off when people do not respect animals, people and this world. If that makes me a weirdo hippy than so be it. I would much rather be someone who gives a shit than some one who does not. What defines an ignorant person to me? Someone who ignores all warnings and someone who thinks that they have it all figured out with no research to prove it.

Why am I writing about this today? Yesterday Massachusetts (the state where I live) had 7 confirmed touchdowns of tornadoes. This is shocking because it is rare to even have one tornado in this area never mind 7. What comes across your mind when you hear about Global Warming? Do you think, oh god not again? Or do you believe that it could potentially be the end of you and your loved ones some day in the future? It boggles my mind when I hear that some people do not believe its real and that it is happening. Maybe it is their way of avoiding anything real or even anything that scares them or maybe they really do not believe.

How is it that people can turn a blind eye to science? Do some people think that scientist are in there labs making this stuff up to scare and worry you? To me global warming is absolutely real. I take the words of the ones who know about it best, the ones who have done the research and the ones who took the time to find out. They are the ones I believe to be right, not the older generation who are saying, "everything's fine" while sitting back in there reclining chairs, driving there gas guzzling cars.I will not be one of the people who takes this world for granted .

If you are unsure about how you feel about global warming I would suggest that you please take the time to learn about it. It could effect every single person that you know and love someday if more people do not start changing the way they live. One of the most ignorant things a person could do in my opinion is to turn a blind eye to this, or wait until it is too late to do something about it.

Have you ever seen a global disaster movie? The scenes where shit is hitting the fan and everyone is hysterical? With the crazy "hippy" on the side of the sidewalk that is holding a sign that says its coming? If you did not believe that global warming was real and disaster strikes us one day would you feel stupid while running for your life and saw that hippy holding there sign that said stop global warming before it is too late?

Global warming has the power to crush this planet and everyone living on it. It could send tsunami waves to places that have never seen one before. It could create devastating tornadoes and earthquakes around the world. It could lead to terrifying things and ultimately, the end of this world and most importantly everything on it ..

On the bright side there is a way to prevent these terrible things from happening and yes they are all things the typical hippy would do. Start recycling, stop wasting and start caring. If everyone could just change one thing that they do that is wasteful it could help to improve this global warming

Dramatically. Use a reusable bottle and an under the sink water filter to replace all the wasted plastic drinking bottles. Even the smallest change like not using paper plates could make it much safer living on the skin of this world.

I have to Get This Out Of My Head, It is ignoreant to take life for granted and to turn a blind eye to the warnings. To think that you know everything without even finding out is something a lazy person would do. The people who take time to care and who takes the time to learn are the ones I respect and will listen too.


Source by Emily T Hawkins


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