When you use secondary double glazing on windows you stand to gain many advantages. The benefits include significant levels of noise reduction, draft proofing, thermal insulation, improved security and safety and reduction of airborne dust.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Secondary double glazed windows reduce noise from traffic, railways, airplanes, road works, or general outdoor activities. Noise pollution can be a real disruption and it can affect the quality of your sleep, living or health. You can reduce external noise by around 75% or up to even 90% when glass with a high specification is chosen.

Reduced Heat Loss

These types of windows reduce heat loss. With heating costs rising all the time, it makes perfect sense to install double glazing or secondary glazing. It is estimated that such glazing can reduce heat loss through your windows by up to 50%. By adding an extra pane of glass in addition to your existing window you can reduce heat loss dramatically.

Provided Draft Proofing For Windows

These products can provide draft proofing. It has twin brush seals ensuring high sealing efficiency, preventing the draft from existing windows reaching the house. Single glazing comes with insufficient insulation, poor and often ineffective seals, and may not even close properly. This can lead to cold drafts that can be hazardous to health.

Cheaper Than Replacement

Secondary glazing is typically cost-effective compared to replacement. This option is ideal if you can not afford high quality double glazing, particularly in built up urban areas where traffic noise is a nuisance. For instance, in leasehold properties where changing the existing windows may be uneconomical, you can use secondary double glazing.

Easy To Clean

The system is pretty easy to clean. If you are using tilt back vertical sliding secondary glazing, you can clean both the back of the glass and the existing window.

Most secondary glazing will accept fly-screens, insert panels or integral panels. This can be used in the summer to let in the fresh air and keep out the mosquitoes. They offer you the flexibility to choose from fixed, hinged, lift-out plus vertical and horizontal sliding units. Secondary double glazing is easy to install and can also offer increased home security.

By running a Google search for secondary double gazing dealers in your locality, you can find the right product to suit your windows. Make sure that the dealer gives warranty details when you buy the product. You can also seek assistance from experts to get it installed.


Source by Claire L Taylor


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