The climate of Lahore in the month of December is one of the best climates found on the surface of the globe. The days are sunny and bright with moderate temperature and nights are comfortably cool. The following is a brief account of its temperature and Precipitation in the month of December.


The day time temperatures are around 77 F ( 25 C ) at the beginning of the month. By the middle of the month they come down to 72 ( 22 C) and by the end of the month they are around 68 F ( 20 C). The night temperatures show a similar trend. At the onset of December they are around 54 F ( 12 C). By the time, half of the month is gone, the thermometer records temperatures in the range of 48 F ( 9 C) and by the end of the months the temperatures as low as 41 F ( 5 C) must be expected. It must be remembered, however that the chill is confined to a very short period between late night and very early morning. Since the sky is generally very clear and free of clouds, the temperature becomes quite comfortable by about 9 AM and remains so till about 12 at night.


The precipitation is in the form of rainfall which comes whenever the western disturbance visits this area. Western disturbance is a rain bearing system with its origin in the Mediterranean Sea. It reaches Pakistan after giving rain all the way to Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. So by the time it reaches Lahore, which is the one of the easternmost cities, the system has lost much of its moisture. This is the reason that the monthly average at Lahore is only 0.5 of an inch ( 13 mm) in the month of December. This makes Lahore an ideal place for the tourists to visit its many of the historical monuments Like the Great Moghal Mosque, Shalamar Gardens and Lahore Fort etc.


The air is usually dry and the mean relative humidity varies from 60 percent is the early morning to less than 30 percent by late evening. The air is crisp and bracing and the winds light. This low relative humidity adds to the beauty of the climate of Lahore since the foreigner feels quite comfortable in such climatic conditions.

In short, the climate of Lahore in December is sunny, bright and beautiful with moderate temperatures and little precipitation.


Source by Waqar Awan


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