Breathe Fresh Air In Your Home-Symptoms Aleveated With Air Purifier-Little Maintenance Required


It’s time to stop ignoring the polluted air we breathe, both for ourselves and most importantly for our children. Anyone who has read any of the articles I have written in my short writing career will know that when I present a problem, I back it up with a logical solution.

The pollution in our air is probably the most dangerous aspect presented to us in our daily lives today. We have all heard the warnings that our indoor air is at least 5/6 times more polluted than the outside air (EPA studies have proven this). The chemicals that are being emitted off your carpet, laminates, hardwood flooring. Not to mention the cleaning agents we use and the particulates that are floating in our air is mainly dead skin, dust, dust mites and their feces. Not the most desirable thought as you sit at your kitchen table in the morning and watch the sun shine through the patio doors and see the clouds of particles illuminate in the air.

It is these particulates you see that can be causing you or your family symptoms of numerous air borne maladies for which you maybe baffled to their cause. Various unhealthy symptoms include: runny nose, coughing, sinus congestion, sleeping problems, headaches and even some skin irritations such as rashes. The best way to alleviates the possibility of being polluted by your indoor air is to clean it. Usually people avoid getting air purifiers because they are not keen on washing, rinsing, drying and maintaining the appliance. The average person; I believe, wants the technology to accomplish that for them. It really is an easy process; go on the Internet and seek a purifier that best suits your needs and wants; F.A.Q.’s or the or the Manuel will assist you in determining how much effort it will require for maintenance. There are air purifiers that will clean the air and require a limited amount of effort on your part to keep it maintained.

Most importantly treat yourself and the people you love with the consideration we all deserve; that is to breathe clean, healthy, refreshing air all day long and stop subjecting our selves and others to harmful bacteria that tests our immune systems. Remember that our immune systems are not just inundated through the air but also where we sleep. Our beds and bedding are as much of the problem as our air. Do you wake up with a stuffy nose or find your self sneezing through the night’ this may be due to those aforementioned dust mites and their feces. Simply getting dust mite free bedding could alleviate those symptoms.

Remember we are all in this together and by providing helpful innovative solutions the world will be a healthier more comfortable place to live. Be good to yourself and the environment.

Source by Keith Weir


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