Home Remedies for Instant Relief From Breathing Trouble


Breathing trouble has become a common household problem lately, what with the ever-growing air pollution. One can never entirely get rid of the dust that causes wheezy and painful breathing, but there are a lot of ways to ensure relief from breathing trouble. With these simple home remedies, your breathing shall be trouble-free in no while, without you having to pay huge doctor and medicine bills.

Get Plants

Get plants, and lots of them. The greener the plants, the better it will be for your breathing, for these plants will give out plenty of oxygen while absorbing the excess of carbon dioxide. Place potted plants all around your house, especially in the rooms you visit most frequently. A plant by your bed and one by your favorite armchair will ease up your breathing greatly.

Onions, Honey and Garlic

Onions, honey and garlic are all renowned for their medicinal properties. Try honey and garlic tea with a bit of lemon, and increase the quantity of onions in your diet. This will do wonders for your breathing, for it will lessen any sort of congestion or blockage in your nasal area. Vitamin C tablets are also good for keeping your nasal passage fresh and helping you breathe easily.

Homemade Massage Oils

Coconut and sesame oil, when mixed with nutmeg powder, can ease up your breathing instantly, especially if you have attacks of complete breathlessness. Add around two spoonfuls of nutmeg powder to coconut or sesame oil, warm it up, and massage your chest and throat thoroughly. You will find relief instantaneously.


If your chest and nose feel blocked and congested and your breath is coming out in wheezy spurts, you can try steaming. Boil water in a pan and then let it cool just a little. Cover your head with a towel and bend over the pan so that none of the steam escapes. Inhale the steam by taking deep breaths, your chest will start feeling lighter in no time. You can also add half a spoon of vapor rub in the boiling water for better results.

Avoid Scented Products

Artificial scent will do you a lot of harm if you have difficulty breathing properly. Make sure your shampoo, soap, deodorant and all other hygiene and even beauty products are not scented too much. Go for natural fruit products and you will notice that your throat and chest do not feel scratchy and clogged anymore.

Source by Karim Yousaf


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