Why Do We Need Air-Purifiers?


In today's time, indoor pollution has reached unmitigated levels. Experts say that indoor pollution in fact is two to five times as much as outdoor air pollution. This assumes significant importance for the kind of lifestyles we lead. Did you know that we spend more than 90% of our time indoors?

Indoor contaminants include dirt and dust mites, pet hair, mold mildew, household odors, common household and industrial cleaning agents, pollen and other allergens. Now imagine a person who has a tendency towards asthma and allergies living with all these contaminants freely floating in the air that she breathes. Bet you did not know that even fumes from pressed wood and old carpets can cause foul smells and kick off an asthma or allergy attack!

So, how can we regain the quality of the air that we breathe and control the impurities present in it that make the air quality unsanitary and injurious to our health? Modern technology has provided us with solution to this problem. Air purifiers .

We may not have control over the pollution found outside our homes, offices and schools, but we can exercise control over our environment and thenby our health, when we are indoors. There are several types of air cleaning products in the market today, which can help you control the air quality of your home and other indoor spaces.

Finding the perfect air purifier can be an irksome task. With literally hundreds of choices available to a consumer, choosing the right air-purifier, that satisfies all the requirements, can be time consuming and challenging. The only way to know if the one you've bought is perfect for you is to try it out. So try and purchase one that gives you a free trial period for assessment.

There are some more aspects to keep in mind when purchasing an air purifier. These include the type of pollutants you want to do away with, the size of the room you want to decontaminate, the level of noise you're willing to live with, the cost of maintenance (some purifiers need their filters to be replaced on a periodic basis), and of course how much you're willing to pay for it.

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