Would You Buy Engagement and Wedding Rings With GPS-Enabled Tracking Capabilities?



Most people who drive cars that were built within the last year or two either know what GPS is and what it does, or have used GPS to find their way to their destinations.

Some Uses of GPS

Devices that utilize the position tracking capabilities of GPS are becoming commonplace. There are GPS enabled devices that parents can use to monitor the movements of their children in order to keep them safe. Older people with Alzheimer’s disease can be found if they wander out of the house.

Stolen cars can be tracked using GPS devices. Transportation companies use GPS devices to track the movements of their fleet to ensure efficiency in terms of fuel consumption and time spent on the road before arriving at the desired destinations. Knowing exactly where their vehicles are at any given point in time can also help transportation companies to be more flexible when necessary and redirect their drivers to use different routes to avoid delays due to accidents or natural disasters such as flash floods and fires.

Some Abuses of GPS

While there are many advantages to using GPS, there are also some privacy issues and problems when such devices are used to keep track of the movements of others without their permission. For example, ex-wives or ex-husbands could use such devices to stalk their ex-spouses. A divorced person who was denied custody of his or her children can use GPS to locate his or her children and kidnap them.

What Do You Think of GPS Enabled Engagement and Wedding Rings?

Here is an idea for using GPS to keep an eye on your significant other. Do you trust your spouse or significant other? How can you be sure that your significant other is not cheating on you? Do you know where your significant other is at any given time? If you have these questions, then you should consider buying, as soon as someone starts marketing such a product, a GPS enabled engagement or wedding ring for your significant other to wear.

You can track the movements of your significant other using a computer. Or smart phone. You can relax knowing where your significant other is at any given moment in time.

Would you buy a GPS enabled engagement or weeding ring and give it to your spouse to wear?

Would you wear such a ring if your spouse gave one to you and you know that it is GPS enabled?

Source by M.O. Thirunarayanan


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