Stay Healthy Drinking Redox Purified Water


Drinking water is a main source for many of the health hazards that we humans have to face. The contaminants present in the form of dissolved metals, bacteria and industrial wastes are all harmful to our health. There are a number of ways to purify water from all these disturbing factors and make it purified and of good quality for daily usage.

Redox is one such common process of purifying and filtering water to make it safe for public use. Redox is a chemical process employed to remove all the metallic contents and chemical substances prevalent in water supplied for daily usages. This involves the process of oxidation under the guidance and interference of experts. The chemistry of redox could be summarized as the release of electrons from one molecule to another molecule present in water.

Redox is a term that has come up from the combination of the words reduction and oxidation. Redox is actually an electrochemical process wherein the combination of two different metals initiates an electrochemical process that results in the movement of electrons from one molecule to another molecule. Electronically saying oxidation is the process of release of an electron from a molecule whereas reduction could be electronically defined as the acceptance of an electron by a molecule.

During a redox reaction both oxidation and reduction as described above takes place simultaneously. The main reasons for the dissolution of chemicals and other such harmful substances in the public water supply could be nailed down to carelessly maintained pipelines, increased rate of air and water pollution and seepage of industrial effluents into natural water bodies.

Apart from drinking water the water used for other purposes such as for cleansing should also be kept clean of dirt and germs. If this is not taken care of then there are good chances that this water remains stuck to our skin and scalp beneath hair and cause health affecting issues. This could be in the form of skin diseases, increased rate of hair fall etc. although there are many other ways to filter water and preserve the purity of water redox is the most widely used method because of the easiness and effectiveness it results in.

It is well known that our planet earth is called the blue planet because of the presence of water for a major share of about 3/4th of its surface. It is the duty of we humans to see to it that we help mother earth remain green and blue at the same time preserving trees and natural water bodies, no matter which method we choose.

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