Knowledge is Power


Good education is considered as new birth for human being

There is no use if illiterate ruler is installed as king

What will he deliver if he has no capacity to handle the crisis?

All relevant facts and figures may prove wrong for thesis

Does the education give us more knowledge?

Make intelligence sharp to cut the edge?

Does it inspire intelligentsia to take more pledge?

Is it simply the symbolic gesture in form of badge?

Common sense is prevalent in living body

Can best be used by individual or anybody

what matters most is its use and application?

Wrong use of it may lead to destruction and suffocation

Education or knowledge gives you eye to watch

Nose and ears are there with extra sense to catch

Quarrel is averted and may show the way to patch

It may lead to big yield without proving match

Illiterates too have common sense and ability to lead

All the times they will need guidance and feed

Literates can think well ahead of time and act

Balance approach will be adopted with ample time to react

Knowledge is power and leads to smartness with elegance

It may look as if air is coupled with fragrance

Wherever you go, you may leave the lasting impression

It may saves you from down fall and forceful emersion

Nothing to match with ideas and its execution

Nothing will be had even if you to go any institution

It is self assertion and simple approach to solution

Even though it may look hard, you may have answer for dilution

It may need its proper use and application

It will earn you laurels and visible citation

Certificates of work with applause and good appreciation

The choosing of correct path may have slight or no deviation

It is not easy to go all alone

They will try to dislodge you with effect of cyclone

You will have to stand on the patchy ground

You got to act swiftly and fast with no sound

Simple knowledge on paper or in mind will not prove

Degrees and qualifications may not lead and improve

Your actions and work may find objection and disapproval

Cry may emerge from all over for disqualification and removal

It is like both the side of the coin

Proper use may help for evil design to be foiled

It is to necessary to show off the power of knowledge

It may only help you cut across the edge

Source by Hasmukh Amathalal


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