The Advantages of Installing Smoke Alarms in the Workplace


Any business owner who wishes to ensure the safety of his employees or patrons should seriously consider adding smoke alarms in the workplace or business establishment as part of the fire safety and fire-fighting equipment the business is legally required to carry.

A smoke alarm is a warning device that detects smoke at the most crucial stage of a fire-at its beginning. When the device detects smoke or a fire, it will emit a loud, piercing noise. This noise offers those who hear the alarm time to escape or fight the fire before it gets out of hand. Moreover, in case the power has gone out, there are alarms that feature an escape light to guide people to safety. Time, it has been proven again and again, is the most precious commodity during a fire. It spells the difference between a minor incident and an event with tragic consequences.

Studies have shown that an alarm can lessen fire fatalities by as much as 90% and increased a person’s rate of survival twofold. Multiply this figure to the number of employees in a building, tenants in an apartment complex, diners in a restaurant, or any other business, and you will realise the magnificent benefits of having smoke alarms in your place of business.

Although a simple device, the importance of its functions make the placement of alarms within a workplace or establishment an issue of great significance. Some units, for instance, are not recommended to be used near kitchens or bathrooms. Invest in your business’ fire safety compliance and acquire the services of a professional fire consultant to study your area, the type of alarm you will need, and the proper positioning of these devices. This way, you are guaranteed that a smoke alarm is in the best position to fulfill its use just in case a fire starts.

If there are already smoke alarms in your place of business, one must still not be complacent. Unfortunate tales abound about alarms that did not function as expected before a fire broke out, with investigations later finding out that replacing dead batteries would have prevented tragedy and loss. It is therefore vital that these alarms be tested regularly and the batteries replaced. This is easy to do because many such alarms now feature a test button to help you check if the alarm is operating effectively. When batteries are low, a distinct ‘chirp’ can also be heard in some alarms to notify that the batteries need to be replaced.

In case there is doubt if an old alarm is functioning properly, then the business’ designated responsible person for fire safety compliance must have the initiative to replace the old one with a new smoke alarm. A few pounds is worth the peace of mind and sense of security persons within an office, a workshop, or a store will feel. Employees will work better, and customers will patronise your business more because they will sense that you sincerely care for their well-being while inside your premises.

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