When the Skies Ignite – Methane and Lightning Overwhelm Aurora Borealis


One of the scariest things with global warming theory is that the alarmists say that once the ice melts on top of the landmasses, there will be old biological material underneath which has decayed and left frozen methane, which will thaw out, and as you know the methane will become a gas, a greenhouse gas in fact it, and it will escape into the atmosphere accelerating climate change. The global warming alarmists have said that mankind’s omissions of CO2 is causing the atmosphere to heat up, which will thaw-out the ice, which will release all the methane, and then we are in big trouble.

Now then, does this mean the skies will also catch on fire?

I know this is starting to sound like a global doom and gloom docudrama, but consider if you will that methane is a gas which burns. And also consider when you have clouds in the sky that produce lightning, they will strike these pools of methane, as they thaw-out and become gas you have a new flammable fuel. And since methane burns, it could leave an incredible amount of fireworks in the atmosphere. In fact, methane and lightning could produce five times the visual results as aurora borealis.

That’s an interesting thought isn’t it?

This could be quite problematic for anyone is too close to a large methane plume that is floating through the atmosphere. It also means it could be absolutely spectacular to watch, film, and it might also be quite fascinating.

Would or could it also mean that as the methane is swept up by the prevailing winds, that jet airliners flying by could ignite it? Probably not, and even if it ever did, the methane probably won’t burn fast enough to ever catch the airplane on fire, but it would be an interesting site to see when it?

Indeed, next time you see one of the climate scientists ask them this question, and see if you get a smile out of them, and you can make them think. In fact, it would be nice to see them think through their theory a little more closely. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow


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