How to Make Eco-Friendly Paper Grocery Bags


Just being well aware of the side effects of using plastics and polythene alone would not help. One has to take some steps to avoid their use and save nature from pollution, which will make a difference. Nowadays most of the people when making their visit to any store will end up using the plastic bags instead of the paper grocery bags, which is a wrong practice.

The process to make an eco friendly paper bag is almost the same as that of making a normal paper making process.

1) Harvesting: The initial step of manufacturing a grocery paper bag is harvesting trees. The trees used for making grocery paper bags must be dried 3 years before they could be used. Mostly the trees those are grown purposely for getting the paper pulp accounts’ for the major pulp as the older grown trees accounts too less.

2) Cooking: The harvested wooden chips are digested in the big digesters with the help of acidic or basic liquids so as to get the cellulose which is the only important ingredient for producing the best quality paper. The dehydrated fibrous matter that has been separated chemically or mechanically either from wood or the wasted paper is known as pulp. So the kind of pulp being used in manufacturing of a grocery paper bag plays the major role. The pulp so obtained is brown and not much clean so it is processed further. During the process of cooking and concentrating a large amount of steam is produced which may be used to run the turbine to generate electricity.

3) Cleaning / washing: After the brown pulp is obtained, the pulp is washed by water and various other chemicals under the centrifugal force of the equipments. These equipments have sieves that help in separating or screening. The process of cleaning may use equipments’ working based on vacuum, atmospheric pressure, air and many more designs are available in the market.

4) Bleaching: To get a high quality paper that is more white and bright to be used for grocery purpose it is bleached, coated and processed further to get high quality pulp that is used for making the paper pulp used for grocery paper bags.

5) Development of sheets: In the modern equipments, the wire is revolved around the machine that dewaters and presses to get a solid content. Then further the sheets are made to pass through a set of two rollers that press sheet to get the designed grocery paper bag.

6) Drying: Until the sheet formation, though most of the water is removed still 20% water that is left is removed in this process. The sheets are made to pass between the drying section of the equipment cylindrical in shape, and finally the dried sheets are formed which are converted to the bags that are ready for the grocery usage by the various individuals.

Thus, the basics on how to manufacture an eco friendly grocery paper bag can be useful knowledge to both manufacturer as well as buyer. Such kinds of grocery paper bags are eco friendly as well as not much costly. So, go green with the eco friendly grocery paper bags that are convenient to carry and are defiantly made of good pulp to support the items being carried in these bags.

Source by Ujjwal Agarwal


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