10 Easy Steps to Save Energy & Money


The economy is going down, everyone’s asking what to do now and what’s going to happen. One of the main issues is the strike threat during this winter by Eskom workers for better pay. What’s going to happen when Eskom management and the union don’t come to an agreement? Eskom recently announced that it intends increasing electricity tariffs by more than 30% before this coming winter. I don’t know what the government will actually do. I know that it always promises to do something, but will they really do something this time around?

What can we do as responsible citizens to help the government and Eskom during these trying times? I propose that we should conserve energy while government and Eskom are working on ways to resolve the energy crisis in our country. We are using electricity every single day; is it not time to look at how we can save energy just by following a few simple steps at home.

Here are the ten steps:

1) Turn off the lights, and unplug any unused appliances, they still use a lot of energy even when not in use. (Save a few hundred Rands a year)

2) Put a sleep feature on computers and printers to shut down after 5 minutes of no use (Save a few hundred Rands a year)

3) Replace incandescent light bulbs with Energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. (Saving you a few hundred Rands a year per bulb including cost of the bulb)

4) Install water efficient fixtures. A duel-flush toilet saves 15,000 litres per year. Replace 4 faucets and 2 shower heads (Save a couple of thousands a year)

5) Turn off the heat or air conditioning when at work or bedtime. (Saving as much as 30% off your energy bill)

6) Pull down your storm windows or seal with plastic in winter. Replace weather stripping. (Save as much as 40% off of your energy bill)

7) Seal holes and cracks in your basement with expandable foam or silicon caulking. Insulate hot water pipes and heating ducts in the basement. (Save hundred of Rands a year including cost of materials)

8) Insulate your basement perimeter, basement ceiling, and attic. Get a free home energy audit from a credible service provider to identify and insulate the critical areas in your home. (Save thousands of Rands a year including cost of materials)

9) Stop paying a lot for your electricity Bill make your own electricity with renewable energy methods.

10) Slash your electricity Bill by 80% or even eliminate it completely by creating electricity from your own backyard.

A few hundred Rands a year doesn’t sound like a lot, but combined with everything else is pretty much something to start with. Saving energy is really important right now, if we don’t start saving energy there won’t be anything left for future generations.

Stop paying a lot for your electricity Bill, make your own electricity with renewable energy methods. Create electricity from your own Backyard.

To learn how visit: http://slashyourelectricitybill.blogspot.com/

Source by Justice Mandhla


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