Rameshwaram Temple


About Rameshwaram:

‘Rameshwaram’ town in Tamilnadu is one of the holiest pilgrimage of India. This holy place is located on Pamban island, which is also known as Rameshwaram island and is connected to mainland of India through the Pamban bridge. According to a legend this is the place, where Hindu Lord Rama built a bridge across the sea till Lanka (Sri Lanka) to rescue his better half Sita from devil Ravana, who abducted Sita. Also it is believed that it is the place where Lord Rama worshiped God Shiva while coming back from Lanka after killing Ravana. Rameshwaram is also called the ”Kashi (Varanasi) of South”. Rameshwaram Temple is having its great religious value as it is among one of the four Dhams as well as 12 Jyotirlingams of India.

Rameshwaram Temple:

Rameshwaram Temple is also known as Ramanathaswamy temple, which was built in 17th century. The temple covers an area of 15 acres. The corridor of the temple is 1219 m long with over 4000 pillars, which is the biggest temple corridor in India. Each pillar is of height 3.6 m, made of granite with rich carved work on it. The temple has a gopuram (gate tower) of 54 m of altitude. Inside the temple there are 22 sacred wells, and interestingly each well is having different taste of water. The surroundings of the temple are pretty awesome, as it is situated close to the sea and to the eastern side of beautiful island.

Other Shrines in Rameshwaram:


Agniteertham refers to an ocean. At a short distance of 100 m from Rameshwaram temple, it is a holy place, where Lord Rama worshiped God Shiva to conquer Ravana.

Gandamadana Parvatam (Hill):

Gandamadana Parvatam is the holy shrine, located 2 km from Rameshwaram, which is the highest point of island. It is believed that the chakra (wheel) in the temple bears the footprints of Lord Rama. From this place you can enjoy the magnificent view of the island.


Dhanushkoti is situated 8 km away from Rameshwaram at the eastern end of the island. According to the legend it is the place, where Lord Rama, after absolving Ravana destroyed the bridge, which he had built from island to Lanka across the sea. In 1964 Dhanushkoti was totally collapsed because of the cyclone.

Kothandaramaswamy temple:

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