Asbestos And Its Impacts?


Asbestos has become more well-known today because being exposed to it can cause some life-threatening diseases such as mesothelioma. And for this reason many of the mesothelioma law firms in United States are found seeking compensation for patients and their family members because of this disease. Besides all of this, there are many other diseases which have taken birth just because of the asbestos. To learn more about asbestos, and see how we can make ourselves safe from its curious invasion.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a compound of minerals, minerals which contain the bonding of different class fibers. Such fibers can be drawn into thin wire type threads. Such minerals are highly heat- resistant and can also sustain different forms of chemicals altogether. It is actually useful in the industrial sector but when it is present in the uptown area, it can bring a couple of severe diseases. They possess a form of a natural silicate compound which contains some proportion of silicon and some of oxygen. If it is left to waste and dismantle, it can bring lots of harm for people exposed to it. Many regions of the world have actually banned this type of compounds as they are quite hazardous for the human life.

How it is useful?

Asbestos has been considered as a vital substance for the use of industries. They are used in the fire fighting section, in construction projects which require it in the insulation and sound proofing purposes.

Major use is of strengthening the cement which is often found as a procedure in many cement factories.

In ship building section the silicate compound has a vital use in the processes of boilers insulation, pipes insulation and steam pathway insulation.

In automotive section, they are used in the making of clutch mechanism and braking structure of cars. In spite of all, they are also used in mantling the internal combustion engines of heavy- duty vehicles and of small cars.

The impacts:

Asbestos have been banned in many of the industrial areas. It was in 1970 when the US (CPSC) Consumer Product Safety Commission banned it for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons was that asbestos can be released at the time of wall patching processes. It can also be released in many processes occurring in the gas fire section which can increment the chances of fire occurrence. In fact, many accidents took place, in which different oil and gas companies and textile factories picked up the fire with the presence of the asbestos in the surroundings.

Today, every life is absorbing asbestos as it is present in different proportions everywhere in the world. Industries have been using it in an on and off manner, by which we come to see its effects on people. It can be dissolved in water, air and land and also in wildlife. Billions of species of fish died only because of water pollution and the latest survey is indicating an infinite amount of damage to plants and animals.

Today, it has become impossible to bring complete eradication of asbestos but we still can fight it and make an effort to minimize its proportion as much as we can.

Source by Stewart Wrighter


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