Aromatics and the Environment



We are all aware of what we can do as individuals to alter our social habits and help to reduce the negative affects of general pollution. Many are making a contribution.

We are also very aware of the damage caused in our environment by toxic substances and the release of chemical fumes resulting from the wastes of industry. We may be able to identify certain poisonous chemicals but we will never be able to monitor the full extent of their damage when released into the air we breathe and into the water upon which all earth life depends. Some scientists predict the harmful ramifications from modern industrialization will continue for many centuries into the future.

When disasters occur and fires destroy buildings and commercial factories releasing enormous clouds of toxic chemicals, they wreak their havoc. Fumes from plastics and chemicals continue to create mini disasters in the industrial communities as arson is added to the social terrorist mentality of sabotage tactics and weaponry. Many human and animal casualties result from these ‘accidents’ in industry.

Although it may seem of little significance, the aromas and fumes from burning natural essential oils offer a small but positive contribution by releasing perfumes that help to counter toxic fumes in some small measure.

The delightful scents of lavender and eucalyptus, lemon or frankincense certainly encourage us all to breathe more deeply, instead of being inhibited by chemical smells and obnoxious with atmospheres polluted by chemical odours.

We can of course also use many of these natural essences on our person, as well as in the environment by burning them as incense in the home and during outdoor entertainment. The latter is gaining in popularity as both an insect repellent as well as helping create a pleasant atmosphere for socializing.

But we now must recognize that any attempt to neutralize the effects of toxic chemical use in industry by sacrificing precious natural oils would fail miserably.

Until the negative industrial chemicals are banned we can only continue to use aromatics in our own homes where we are free to enjoy them to the maximum.


Source by Sally Wilson


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