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The electric vehicle association is a non profit organization in education area. It was formed in 1980 as a chapter of the nationwide Electric Auto Association (EAA), and holds regular monthly meetings, public displays, car shows and “tech” sessions to exchange information.

The goal of this organization is to act as a source of information for the membership, to encourage experimentation in the building of electric cars, to promote and organize public exhibits of this systems built by members and others for the purpose of informing the public on the progress of this technology and conducting public opinion polls, and to use all media, such as newsletters, web sites, information packages, and other paper and electronic media designed to inform the public and promote the cause of this automobiles.

These vehicles are seemingly to be an alternative for the conventional ones. No emissions on the tailpipe from such vehicles. They are clean and environmental friendly.

The mission of EAA is to place itself as a public information source on the advancement in technology of electric autos. This organization is also an exhibitor and event organizer on electric vehicles to let the society well informed and well educated on each progress and benefits ever made in this technology.

If you have electric car, you could join this organization to keep you informed on every newest advancement on this technology.

The electric vehicle association of Greater Washington, D.C. has a lot of members with a wide range of occupations such as educators, hobbyists, electric auto owners who dedicated themselves in actively supporting its purpose and mission. Many of this organization members even do not have an electric car yet, they do attend the meetings to educate themselves on this technology as well as to keep them well informed.

Source by Johan Young


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