How to Solve Your Small Penis Problem


There is no man that can ever feel comfortable with a small penis. We do not need any survey to tell us that men born with small genitals usually suffer from low sexual confidence. Of course this is only logical. After all a big penis is the sign or “real manhood” in so many quarters. While growing up most men learn to live with whatever nature has given them a short stature or whatever.

But one thing that remains in the consciousness of so many men is their small penis size. When it comes situations that demand the exposure of their genitals, men with small genitals usually shy away. Be it in the urinals at the beach or when it comes to sexual intercourse. This is only normal after all which guy would like to be ridiculed about his small size.

When it comes to the dating arena, a small penis size is a serious flaw that could damage a man’s reputation and ego. Although at the early stages of a relationship it is not possible for a lady to know the size of a man’s penis, as the relationship matures the truth would finally be revealed. This is one reason why men with “tiny” penises usually avoid forming any relationship with any woman that would lead to the bedroom. We can’t blame such men after all these men would prefer being respected than being ridiculed because of their “tiny” size. Asides avoiding sexual intercourse these men also avoid any situation that requires exposure of their genitals.

As for women, there are so many flaws in a man they look down on. But the worst of them is a small genital. As long as the relationship remains sexual, the man’s small penis size would always be a source of frustration for the woman. Most women want their men to fulfill their “needs” in bed, not some plastic or battery powered sex toy. The basic sexual need of women during sex is to have their lover’s penis in their vagina. And not just any size of penis, women want big penises in their vagina because it gives them that wonderful feeling of being completely “full” and it reaches deep into their vagina (deep penetration).

I have heard of so many stories on how men with small genitals had to go through different kinds of ridicule just because they didn’t measure up when it comes to penis size. So many men are lonely and have no sex life because of their small size. After all to such men it’s better to deal with loneliness than to face public ridicule.

If you happen to be born with a small genital, then you should take steps to make sure you do not allow you inadequacy in the bedroom to affect other areas of your life. First of all, penis size is not everything that makes a man. Avoid feeling bad or sorry for yourself because you were born with a small penis size.

Now be proactive about your situation. Do you know penis enlargement is possible? I do not mean penis enlargement surgery. I am talking about natural penis enlargement.

There are currently two methods of natural penis enlargement that can guarantee you a bigger penis. Natural penis enlargement exercises and herbal penis enlargement pills are the two. In case you are skeptical about whether they work or not, let me say I used these two methods and increased my penis length by 2 inches and penis girth by 1.5 inches. Yes these methods work and its up to you to decide whether you want a bigger penis or you are satisfied with your small penis.

Source by Temitayo Olatunde


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