Ceiling Lifts – The Smart Solution


In today’s healthcare industry, ceiling lifts have proven to be the smartest solution to lift, transfer and transport patients with limitations. A number of firms are active in this field of manufacturing ceiling lifts in various specifications to suit customers’ needs. The ceiling lift solution was launched in 2002 in British Columbia. It was developed by OHSAH (Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Healthcare) for safer handling of patients during movement.

Portable ceiling lifts have a patient sling, motorized pulley system or motorized unit. This device is integrated with a removable battery powered hoist. To support the patients as they are lifted in a reclining position or during gait training or un-weighted walking, the ceiling lifts have a sling or harness. The overhead ceiling lift is attached with a multiple overhead track system to meet lifting needs. The track systems are available in various forms including free standing/semi-permanent; single track – to move single route across multiple or single room; 2-strap – to move across doorways; and X-Y traverse track system – to move along the X and Y axis. Ceiling lifts come with handheld remote controllers to control the lateral or traverse motion of the lift during raising and lowering movement. The free standing track system is an alternative for ceiling installed track system. The easy to hold and carry ceiling lifts are available in various load carrying capacities. Moreover, these are provided with swivel options.

Realize the benefits of having ceiling lift technology, which include:

o An individual with disabilities can be easily and effortlessly moved from one room to another with no strain or risk to the caregiver.

o Furniture, never being in the way, need not be removed to facilitate the movement of the ceiling lift.

o Optimizes space use since it is installed on the ceiling.

o Can be operated independently by the users with enough upper body strength.

o The mobile ceiling lifts are easy to use and easy to install.

Select the apt ceiling lifts – the smart solution from a quality provider, considering the specifications and cost.

Source by Tom M Smith


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