We All Want To Jump On The Mobile Chat And Social Networking Train These Days But At What Cost?


I recently did a search on the top mobile chat websites and top mobile social networking sites and found that 9 out of 10 of these websites actually cost money when advertised to customers as free. You see there is still a small problem with mobile chat, the carriers need to make a buck and in doing so these free advertised mobile chat sites actually cost the end user money regardless of whether the site itself is actually splitting any percentage with the carriers.

One company I did find that advertised free mobile chat and followed through was a growing and quite popular mobile social networking site call MobiliKey. MobiliKey.com has its own mobile chat programs that eliminate the need to send SMS through carriers which benefits the end user in actual free service. Even more interesting, everything on MobiliKey is free to the mobile user. Users can do such things as build mobile websites, post mobile profiles, mobile pictures, calculate their carbon footprint, upload images from their mobile to profiles instantly, and even have the ability to connect with virtually any mobile platform around the world.

How huge is this? The ability through mobile 2.0 development to work across worldwide mobile platforms and carrier networks creates true world connectivity for mobile users networking products, solutions or themselves without restricting access to geographical locations. In essence it allows the world to be connected anywhere at anytime from any location.

The MobiliKey mobile network may never take over MySpace mobile as a direct social networking website but with all the features, ease of use, free mobile chat and worldwide reach & connectivity, MobiliKey is one dominant multi-faceted mobile player that will be around a long time. MobiliKey provides feature rich value added content in a fun, easy to follow html and mobile interface.

Source by Anrold Kaprice


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