Tap Dance Mat Features & Benefits


Tap dancers, students, and teachers know the importance of being able to perform, practice, and choreograph regardless of space limitations. When you own a portable tap mat, you can perfect those challenging tap dance combinations in the privacy of your living room.

Teachers can choreograph routines at home without having to pay for costly studio rental space. Dancers can hold impromptu performances almost anywhere there is an audience. There are many choices available, so here are some things to consider when buying a tap dance mat.

Make sure the size of the tap mat will fit into your space and offer enough room for you to execute steps correctly. Portability is also key. If you have to assemble and take apart a complex flooring system, chances are it will end up unused and hidden in the garage. Additionally, make sure the tap dance mat is lightweight enough for you to transport with ease. Check the backing of the mat before buying. You will want to make sure that it will protect the floor or carpet it is on and stay in place while you are dancing.

The backing of the tap dancing mat should also provide some kind of shock absorption in order to prevent injuries that can occur from repetitive tap dancing.

Tap dancers make music with their feet. As a musician, a tap dancer will want to choose a tap mat that will produce quality sounds. Selecting a material that produces a resonant and rich sound, as well as provide a non-slippery surface is critical for dancers to work at their highest level.

Source by Terrence Bennett


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