Integration of Energy


Have you ever thought much about this word and what it may mean at a deeper level? Well let us explore then and begin with a dictionary definition, “: the combining and coordinating of separate parts or elements into a unified whole: as: coordination of mental processes into a normal effective personality.”

The first time that I recall taking much notice of this word and its meaning was at a breath therapy instructor’s workshop. It got my attention big-time in that situation. I experienced myself and observed others go from feelings of conflict about various things. Then with appropriate facilitation and breathing one would get to a sense of peace and tranquility. (No not on drugs !)

Now the connected breathing while focusing on the situation, area of the body, experience or emotion is one way to arrive at this state of resolution. Just a small note before we go on. Have you ever noticed in a group situation, one of the processes that go on? If the energy is flowing the can be the usual discussion and then may be some sort of difference of opinion. Emotions and energy can be quite high. If there is a good facilitator, chairperson or whatever to guide the processes then there can be a state of resolution achieved. This is also what I would view as integration.

So let us look at more choices to achieve our state of or integration. One other way that I am familiar with used to be called a ‘visual squash.’ This could have originated from the neuro-linguistic programming area, although it came to me from another source.

The idea here is to play with something that you maybe feel a little indecisive about. For example, should I go the abc on my holiday or xyz . On the one hand it would be good to be by the seaside and on the other hand it would be great to be in the mountains and go hiking in the cool clean air. You get the idea.

Now, visualise as vividly as possible the experience at the seaside on the palm of one hand. Feel what it would be like walking on the wet granulated sand with the sea spray wetting your face. You would be able to hear the waves crashing against the shore line as well as the chatter of others if it is a crowded beach.

Relax that hand and on the palm other one visualise the experience in the mountains. You will be able to imagine the tall trees and how the move with eddies that are found in and around forests. You will be able to smell the clean fresh air and hear the sounds of the forest birds and other animals.

Then when you have completed the two steps above you will slowly and ever so slowly bring the palms of your hands together with eyes shut. Notice without judgment what is going on with your breathing, the rest of your body, any feelings or imagery. This process can be relatively quick or take 20 to 30 minutes as you process through the layers.

If you have bigger issues you wish to deal with then please consult a qualified therapist. The above description is only meant as a primer to play with in this area.

This process as I understand it sorts out the ‘this’ or ‘that’ choices and clarifying them ready for integrating. This really does not matter as it can work so wonderfully well and you feel great at the end. Enjoy

Source by Peter Boyd


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