Industrial Vacuum Cleaner: Various Attributes and Types


Dirt and grime play a very critical role in our daily lives. We are surrounded with different objects and environments where dust and debris occur perpetually. When we think of industrial vacuum cleaners, we can understand the importance of these devices because they help us pick up debris and dirt off the floor or from a particular environment.

In industrial parlance, vacuum cleaners are designed in several configurations and participants to adapt to specific needs of an application. We live in an environment where dirt is all around us. Dust and dirt is present in our homes, industries, offices, warehouses, and other workplaces. Hence, choosing the right industrial vacuum cleaner to accomplish your business and industrial applications is extremely critical.

Types of Industrial Vacuuming Systems

The market offers various types of cleaners that meet the needs of multifarious applications. Listed below are some of the main types of cleaners available on the market.

  • Stand-up: These cleaners are designed for a regular use. They are efficient, durable and combine power with ease of use. They also offer considerable degree of flexibility and mobility.
  • Ride-on: These vacuuming systems are specifically designed to handle large scale industrial jobs. They cover large spaces and thus, are well-suited for industrial sectors like warehouses and large complexes.
  • Wet and Dry: These cleaners offer incredibly high standards and performance when put to use. They are extremely powerful and are designed to pick up debris, waste, dirt of all shapes and sizes. In addition, they are equipped with large waste tanks for immense waste capacity. In this way, they do not need to be emptied on regular basis.
  • Upright: These systems are considerably used in domestic applications. However, they are much powerful and have the potential to deal with large quantities of waste as well.

Given the vast range of industrial vacuum cleaners on the market, each of the above type of cleaner is well-suited for specific situations. Furthermore, vacuum cleaners should be well-engineered and must incorporate some critical attributes in order to operate smoothly and continuously. Thus, given below are certain following attributes you must look out for while considering a purchase from the market.

Vacuum Cleaner Attributes

  • The vacuum cleaner must incorporate duty motor which must be coupled to a robust vacuum producer.
  • There should be some means to clean, shake or pulse the filters. Sometimes filter cleaning is performed offline and online (vacuum is on or off).
  • The device must also have a vacuum producer that generates vacuum levels greater than 60 inches of water column.
  • It must have a bag equalizer that allows a plastic bag to be fixed in the dirt receptacle for easy subject removal.
  • Should contain large storage canister depending on the specific use and air volume throughput.
  • The vacuum cleaner must contain differential pressure gage for primary and secondary filter.
  • It must contain vacuum producer inlet safety filter (most preferably a HEPA filter). HEPA filters are effective and reliable. They serve good purpose in protecting the environment and the personnel at a given facility.

The above discussed attributes of industrial vacuum cleaners can be applicable for portable central vacuum systems as well.

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