Apple allows more independent retailers access to its iPhone repair services


Repair businesses will now have access to the same guide parts, tools, training repair manuals and diagnostics as Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs).

The programme is launching in the US with plans to expand to other countries.

It has the potential to prevent phones being sent to landfill at a time of poor recycling rates across the WEEE sector.

In 2017, 44.7 million tonnes of e-waste was produced globally, 90% of which were sent to landfill, incinerated or illegally traded and treated in a ‘sub-standard’ way.

Last month, the Royal Society of Chemistry warned that six natural elements found in mobile phones are set to run out in the next 100 years.

Jeff Williams, Apple chief operating officer, said: “When a repair is needed, a customer should have confidence the repair is done right. We believe the safest and most reliable repair is one handled by a trained technician using genuine parts that have been properly engineered and rigorously tested.”

Over the past year, Apple has launched a pilot with 20 independent repair businesses in North America, Europe and Asia.

MPs launched a new inquiry in July into setting up a circular economy for electronic goods and the waste sector.

To qualify for the new program, businesses will need to have an Apple-certified technician who can perform the repairs.

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