Hormones, Antibiotics, and Pesticides – What is Your Health Worth to You Anyway?


There really should no longer be any question as to whether or not Americans, by making simple changes to their dietary habits, would enjoy better health and quality of life by becoming vegetarians. There have been ample studies conducted which prove that the human body does not require meat to maintain optimum health. In fact, studies have proven that, over all, human beings would be healthier if meat were taken out of the diet altogether. However, if only taking into consideration the health risk of the added amount of cholesterol that meat adds to the diet, then it is safe to say, if eaten in moderation, small quantities of meat may be included as part of a well balanced diet.

However, putting aside the small concern regarding the trivial amount of cholesterol that would be added to the diet if meat were eaten only in small quantities, it is important that the public understands that there is a more concerning health threat that humans face when making the choice to include any amount of meat in their diet. There have recently been a number of documentaries that have exposed the conditions and practices that exist within some of today’s meat factories and feed lots. The majority of the general public has by now had plenty of information available to them regarding the common use of hormones and antibiotics at these meat factories.

Hormones, when used on livestock, has the ability to add bulk with the use of less feed. These hormones are being blamed for some of the weight gain that Americans have more recently been experiencing, despite the trend that Americans overall are on average eating fewer calories than in past years. The antibiotics used on the livestock are at least partially being blamed for the development of antibiotic-resistant diseases in humans. Pesticides in the grain of the livestock feed is largely a result of farmers using pesticides on their crops. The livestock eat the pesticide along with the grain and humans eat the meat which contains the pesticides. Some of the health problems humans are experiencing and which are partly being blamed on the pesticides are poisoning, infertility and birth defects, damage to the nervous system and cancer. It has been discovered through a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that children between the ages of six and eleven have four times the acceptable level of pesticides in their systems.

Is there really anyone who still questions whether or not vegetarianism is the better alternative to a healthy diet? It is possible to do some research in local areas and find a farmer who still raises cattle the old fashioned way, with no hormones, no antibiotics, and with pesticide free grain for feed. That certainly is one solution if someone is bent on keeping meat in their diet. However, it is important to keep in mind that the cleanest meat in the world is still full of fat and cholesterol and can cause just as much harm as the chemicals if eaten in too great a quantity. There really is no question as to whether or not people should be eating a vegetarian diet. There is simply too much overwhelming evidence that points to the need for humans to be getting back to the basics when it comes to their health. It may take some time to learn how to cook without the use of meat, but it can be done and once undertaken it becomes apparent that it is not even very difficult. Besides, what is a little time spent now when it comes to your health? What is your health worth to you anyway?

Source by Diane Foster


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