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The northwest of England will be worst affected by the rainfall which could last for most of the next two weeks, according to the Met Office. The southern half of the UK will stay dry but cloudier and it will be milder than last night. Further rain is likely in Northern Ireland, western Scotland and northwest England.

It will be breezy in the north at first but the wind will ease later.

Meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “It’ll be a little bit warmer on Tuesday, but for the rest of the week temperatures will be dropping off for most places.

“Tuesday morning will be dry with one or two exceptions in the Southwest of Scotland.

“In particular starting the day fairly dull and damp and chilly in northern Scotland.

“There will be some sunshine in northern Scotland although it will not be as cold as Monday morning.

“It will certainly be milder than Monday morning thanks to a fair bit of cloud.”

On Tuesday morning the cloud will continue to thicken across western Scotland.

According to Mr Deakin, rain will slowly tracking its way northwards until there will be showers of rain over Northwest England and North Wales.

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“There will be a band of rain moving into Northern Ireland through Tuesday evening and then spreading its way through central and southern Scotland and into Wales.

“There will also be a cold front that will introduce colder air across the countries as it spreads its way across England and Wales.”

Unfortunately, it will be damp across the southeast on Wednesday but it will clear as the wind comes down from the north bringing a much colder feel especially with the strength of those winds.

The weather will get very gusty on Wednesday across Northern Ireland and western Scotland in particular.

Wednesday morning could start dull and damp for East Anglia and the southeast.

The forecast will turn brighter here and elsewhere with some sunshine tied into an area of low pressure moving in.

There will be some heavy showers likely during Wednesday.

It will feel a little colder with some showers.

The weather is going to get windy on Wednesday and there will always be some sunshine over the next few days.

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