6 Home Winterizing Considerations


Once we’ve past Labor Day, although summer is not even finished, it is time, to consider and address the needs, concerns and approaches, for best taking care of your house, and making certain, the severities of winter, have as little negative impact, as possible! Having grown up, in my parent’s house (both their year – around one, as well as the one, they considered their summer home), and having been a homeowner, for over 30 years, I have learned, and discovered, how proper home maintenance, and winterizing, saves lots of heartache, and increased costs. With this in mind, this article will briefly discuss 6 basic, home winterizing considerations.

1. Windows and Doors: No one wants to throw his hard – earned money, out the proverbial window! In most houses, their largest energy – loss, is through the windows and doors. Sometimes, addressing these are rather are relatively simple an inexpensive. For example, attaching a sweep at the bottom of exterior doors, putting an insulating strip, within outlets, and making sure, windows are air – tight, creates a significant savings, etc. Obviously, the quality of insulation, another relatively easy area, to address, makes a real difference!

2. Outside water: If you have an irrigation system, or exterior areas, where hoses, etc, attach, draining these, avoids potential serious damage! In addition, covering the exterior pipes, etc, will also be helpful.

3. Preventive Maintenance for Heating System: Take advantage of the pre – winter period, to have your heating system, cleaned and properly maintained/ tuned! If you have oil heat, and a Service Contract, schedule this service. When the system is properly prepared, with quality maintenance, the system works more efficiently and effectively. Also check your radiators, to make certain, their heat outflow, is what you need, and seek!

4. Interior basement pipes: Many interior pipes risk exposure to the elements of winter’s weather, and so, simply wrapping these, with simple pipe – wraps, often makes a significant difference, for the better. Doesn’t it make sense to use an ounce of prevention?

5. Clean/ sweep chimneys: Every few years, it might be wise, to have your chimney inspected, and be certain, it is sufficiently cleaned, and swept! Since your chimney is exposed to extreme conditions, when it’s cold outside and warm/ hot air, escapes through it, it’s a good idea, to pay close attention, to this somewhat, simple fix!

6. Reduce obstructions; seal cracks: After the leaves fall, and before the weather gets more extreme, remove the leaves, and be certain, there are no obstructions/ blockages, to areas, such as drains, leaders and gutters, etc. Simple blacktopping will seal cracks, and reduce additional expenses, after the extremes of the winter system.

These 6 considerations are only some of the basic, less expensive, items, which might make a real difference, for the better, and save lots of time, hassle, aggravation, and expense. An ounce of prevention, makes a pound of difference!

Source by Richard Brody


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