Replacing the Tires on Your Chevrolet Aveo


The Chevrolet Aveo was introduced by GM in 2004 as a much needed inexpensive compact that was also good on gas. The Aveo was geared toward younger families as well as students looking for their first car. When designing this car GM had the young in mind and included options that would appeal to a younger buyer such as bright color choices, MP3 enabled sound system and carbon fiber trim. Currently the Aveo is also available as a 5 door hatchback or the original sub compact.

So that was a little history on the Chevy Aveo, now let’s talk tires. Generally the tires are pretty basic on this car especially for the small family who is using the car for transportation. If you are a student and customizing the car for looks or performance by adding larger wheels and low profile tires that is a whole different ball of wax that we will cover in another post. Today we are concentrating on stock tires to keep things simple. So when replacing tires we must keep in mind that this car is a sub compact and is very lightweight. The car is also not a sports car so does not require the use of performance tires. Purchasing anything more than a basic tire for this car will be overkill. In most cases a standard all season will be the best tire for this car. If you live where there is severe winter driving conditions, then I would recommend running snow tires in the winter. Remember this car is lightweight and can slide on ice fairly easy so a good set of snow tires will not only give you traction but will give you much better braking performance in the winter.

So to recap the Aveo is a basic car that needs basic tires. Don’t go overboard on tires and purchase a performance rated tire as you will be wasting your money. If you run the car in severe winter weather it is recommended that you run winter tires on this car for both traction and safety reasons. The Aveo is a great economical car. The cost savings should also be reflected in the cost of tires as it is with the initial cost of the car as well as the gas mileage.

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