Truth About African Hoodia, Miracle Plant for the Fatties and Thinnest


The plant is commonly known among the san people as Xhoba, and it is mainly found in the driest parts of the Kalahari Desert. There are lots of plants species in the Kalahari Desert with similar features, but the Hoodia plant can be identified by its uniqueness. It’s 6 foot tall, prickly cactus with light green flesh and devilishly prickly thorns. For decades the San has used Xhoba as a filling meal during times when food was scares.

Hoodia has existed among African people for many years and has been used as a great slimming food. It was also used as a great appetite suppressant during the time when food dried out .The desert is generally a hot place and the san people are hunters and to find food they have to travel hundreds of miles, most of the time carrying little supply of food and water. It is during those times when Hoodia becomes handy; when hunger strikes they will cut and eat a small slice of Xhoba and in no time they will feel no hunger or thirst and gains more strength and alertness. They can then continue their journey for days.

During the research on this miracle plant, it was discovered that Hoodia extracts acts as appetite suppressant on the brain by imitating the effect of glucose. The body will naturally receive the message that it’s full and don’t need more food. Many European companies call it “wonder drug” and use it to tackle obesity. Hoodia is generally regarded as no known side effect plant, organically grown and most important contain a molecule that sends messages to brain that the body is full, in other words it stops a hungry person thinking of food.

The Hoodia was found to be safe to use by everyone including children. The san people fed it to their kids when they were hungry. Many companies in the world have recognised the value of xhoba extracts. Obesity is a threat to society and it is escalating at an alarming rate. Governments around the globe spend millions of dollars tackling obesity each year, and this is a serious cost to many economies. During the research, it was recognised that if a harmless hunger suppressant can be added to our diets it will save millions of dollars and prolong lives. What is also great is that most of these companies around the world that have interest in hooding are in constant research to develop and provide good healthy diets in our food. Every human being deserves to consume healthy food in order to have a quality life.


Source by Kaysee New


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