Condos Promote Green Lifestyles


Condos in Atlanta can promote green living and a healthy lifestyle that contradicts the traditional views of life within the city. When most people think about living in condos, they view a downtown city environment full of pollution, traffic and noise. However, as construction practices around Atlanta concentrate on promoting energy efficient buildings and multi-use developments, as well as incorporating green spaces into larger developments, condo life is getting healthier every day. Furthermore, city life also encourages the use of public transportation and walking as opposed to driving personal vehicles which contribute to air pollution and resource consumption.

Multi-use developments promoting the live, work, play way of life are the city’s answer to residents’ desire to walk more and ride less. Multiple amenities, all within a convenient walking distance to your front door, make exercise a part of everyday life and greatly reduce the necessary time spent in your car, which is beneficial to both your wallet and the environment.

Improved building standards have greatly reduced the level of noise that is able to penetrate the inside walls of new condo units while also promoting lower utility costs, efficient use of resources and water conservation. Life in a condo is much more energy efficient than living in a house. Condos also maximize living space, thereby reducing the amount of land per family that is necessary to develop to house the residents within a city.

Finally, condos are no longer regulated to downtown city areas amongst the high rise buildings hosting offices and hotels. Although there are plentiful condo options within the downtown Atlanta area for those who desire true city life, many condos are also located within the quieter districts of the city, such as Virginia Highlands, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Vinings and Dunwoody to name a few.

These areas, located either within the city perimeter or just outside of it, host a number of condo options from high rises to gated communities to smaller complexes within the community. But similar to their downtown counterparts, most of the condos provide convenient access to nearby amenities which promote walking and a healthier lifestyle perfect for the environmentally conscientious person.

Source by Julian Bryce


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