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Britons have experienced a wet summer this year despite having the hottest August bank holiday on record. That rain will apparently continue throughout the rest of this month, but according to the Met Office, the UK will be given a brief respite before the rai arrives. Commenting on the weather, Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern revealed that although for most on Wednesday morning it will be a wet and cold start, there will be some sunshine to come later in the day.

Mr McGivern added: “It will start off wet in the southeast but not for long.

“The rain does clear away to welcome brighter weather later in the day.”

Scotland will see temperatures hit as low as 8C (46.4F) to start the off day.

That cold weather will, unfortunately, be coupled with a widespread band of rain and cloud.

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For northern and southern England, however, the late morning will see the clear and bright skies.

However, the skies will be replaced by a “day of showers and bright spells” from the afternoon afterwards.

In the southeast, however, temperatures will hit as high as 22C (71.6F) for many before the Autumnal temperatures arrive.

Going into the evening, that sunshine will disappear as for man it will be a cloudy finish to the day.

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Speaking on Thursday’s forecast, Mr McGivern added: “Again, it will be a day of showery outbreaks.

“But there will be plenty of sunshine to start off Thursday.

“A Fresh, cool in places before cloud skies return.”

Concluding, Mr McGivern added that as Thursday ends it will be a fairly fresh but overall cloudy day for many across the country.

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