How To Understand The Causes Of Hives To Find A True Hives Treatment


There are a many causes of hives. This skin condition is generally characterized by bumpy and swollen red patches on the surface of your skin.

Hives also known as urticaria is very common in both adults and children and can affect any person regardless of age or race at anytime.

If a certain part of your body becomes free from hives then they may appear and affect some other body part. In general this skin condition is not dangerous however the symptoms can be infuriating. The itching that is worst at night sends many people round the bend.

Common Causes Of Hives

Hives usually occurs together with viral fever. You should see a doctor if your condition lasts for more than a day. Here are common causes of hives which if you avoid can greatly help you in preventing future outbreaks.

Common Causes of Hives


Hives can be the result of taking certain medications which trigger an outbreak. There are a lot of people whose immune system is sensitive to certain medicines like aspirin and penicillin.

Food Allergies

Eating nuts, shell-fish and egg-shell can also cause a person to develop hives.

Bug Bites And Plant Life

Hives can also occur if the person comes into contact with pollen grains. A lot of people may get hives (typically in the shape of mosquito bites) after going to a garden or any environment filled with plant life.

Animal Dander

Animal dander is also one of the causes of hives. Therefore it is a good idea to find out if the people in your household have an allergy to animal dander before bringing in a pet.

Being Stung

There are some instances wherein people would develop hives because they have got stung by an insect (bee, wasp, etc.) Welts and protrusions develop on the skin due to the body’s reaction to the chemical substances in the sting itself.


Although it is uncommon there are times wherein people would experience a hives outbreak because of too much stress. Stress usually brings about the development of various autoimmune disorders which can cause hives as one of the side effects.

Other Causes

Cancer-related illnesses like leukemia may also trigger hives. Exposure of the skin to drastic climatic extremities such as extreme cold or hot weather conditions may also trigger the development of hives. Wearing tight-fitting clothes when the weather is hot and humid is also one of the causes of hives.

Hives Treatments You Can Try

There are a lot of hives treatment products out there that you can try to help ease the itchy and irritating symptoms brought about by hives. Just make sure to look for a hives treatment that has all-natural ingredients.

It is also best to consult your doctor as they can provide information as to what are the causes of your hives, and possibly give you recommendations on what treatment to use to get rid of this skin condition.

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